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by admin / on 8 August, 2023

Hiking Shoes, for comfort on low level and flat terrain.

For easy trails (C walks) often in flat terrain without climbing hills, a flexible, shoe will make your walk more comfortable and less fatiguing. Hiking shoes are also cooler to wear than boots, due to their low sides, and they can be more responsive-feeling too. A
by admin / on 23 July, 2023

Hiking Footwear – Factors to consider when choosing hiking footwear

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors and exploring nature on foot, having the right hiking footwear is crucial. From sturdy walking boots to flexible lightweight shoes, these differing types of footwear are designed to enhance your comfort and safety during your outdoor
by admin / on 22 July, 2023

Hiking Boots buying guide, to buy boots that last the test of time.

Traditional Hiking boots are generally mid or high cut boots. They are not as lightweight as low cut or trail shoes but will give you greater protection and last thousands of miles. Our guide concentrates on boots suitable for walking in the north of